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Tiến Lên (or Tiến Lên Miền Nam) is the most popular Vietnamese card games. It is similar khổng lồ Tú Lơ Khơ (Tiến Lên Miền Bắc),belonging to the climbing family of thẻ games. The objective in playingTiến Lên isto lớn get rid of all the cards before your opponents vày. While the game rule issimple, there are many twists & turns that make Tiến Lên a unique& challenging game.

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When you first enter a Tiến Lên game room, you are an observer. To reserve your sit, you can cliông chồng on one of the empty seats (denoted by ) or clichồng on button "Sit". If there is no seat available, consider open a new table, or wait for someone to leave sầu, or go lớn a different table. Double click on a table will let you khổng lồ go there.

Once you have a sit, you can play the next time the cards are dealternative text.If there is no game in progress, you can click on "Deal" khổng lồ ask the serverlớn giảm giá khuyến mãi cards. There must be at least 2 people lớn play.

At the beginning of a new Tiến Lên game, each player is given 13 cards. The winner of the previous game (or a random player chosen by the server) starts a round with any valid Tiến Lên card set (to be described shortly). All players then take turn to play a higher card mix or "Pass" to lớn skip the turn. Once a player Pass, he/she is forced to lớn pass at subsequent turns in general. The round ends when 3 of the 4 players pass. The last player of the round then starts a new round with any valid card mix. The game ends when one of the player runs out of cards.

A Tiến Lên card set can be either of the following. Some thẻ sets are considered special.

Single: one cardPair: 2 cards of the same rankTriple: 3 cards of the same rankQuadruple: 4 cards of the same rank. Quadruple is a special thẻ set.Series: 3 or more cards forming a consecutive sầu sequenceDouble Series: 6 or more cards forming a consecutive sầu sequence of pairs. Double Series is a special card mix.

The ranks of the cards in increasing value are 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A 2. A card of higher rank is better than a card of lower rank. Aước ao cards of the same rank, a card of higher suit is better. The suits of the cards in increasing value are Heart, Diamond, Club, Spade. Deuce (2) is not allowed in any series.

Card sets of the same type are compared using the highest cardsin the sets. Only sets of the same type can be used to cut each others, withexception for special card sets.

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The deuce (also called Pig) is a highest ranking card in the game. When playing single or double, certain special card sets can be used to beat the deuce phối. Here are the các mục of all special cutting rules:

Double series of 6 cards (3 consecutive pairs) can cut a single deuce.Quadruple can cut double series of 6 cards or single deuce.Double series of 8 cards can cut quadruple, double series of 6 cards,single deuce, or pair of deuces.

A further exception is that, a player who has already passed in a round canstill uses double series of 8 to lớn cut a pair of deuces. This is the onlytime when the passing rule is ignored.

Before the cards are dealternative text, the player in sit #1 can change the betting per card by selecting a new betting from the box at the bottom left corner. There is a limit on how much you can bet. This limit depends on the amount of money you have.

When the game start, each player contributes the betting amount for the currentgame prize. When the game ends, the winner of the game takes all the money.

If in a round when deuce(s) are played và special sets are also played, moneyare also transfered. The money is always transfered from the owner ofthe previous mix lớn the owner of the current special mix. The moneytransfered is the sum of the penalty values of all the deuces in the roundtimes the round factor. The penalty value for a blaông chồng deuce is one bet value,và for a red deuce, 2 bet value. The round factor is 1 for the first specialcutting, and is doubled for each subsequent special cutting.

When a game over, players who still have deuces or special thẻ sets in their hands are penalized. The penalty for a blaông chồng deuce is one half bet, the penalty for a red deuce, quadruple, or 3 consectutive pairs is one bet, and the penalty 4 consecutive sầu pairs is two bets. The winner collects all the penalties.

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Certain hands are recognized as "tự động hóa win" hands. Games with these handsare not played. The owner of the special hvà wins the game. The winningamount is 2, 3, or 4 times more than normal, depending on the type of thehvà. Following are the special hands:

Hand containing 6 pairs. Win double.H& containing 5 consecutive pairs. Win double.Hvà containing 4 deuces. Win triple.Dragon series, hand containing a series of 13 cards (series of 12 và a deuce). Win quadruple.Partial dragon series, hvà containing a series of 12 cards. Win double.13 blaông chồng (or red) cards. Win quadruple.12 blachồng (or red) cards. Win double.

There are so many different variances of the game, all of them are differentin the handling of the special thẻ sets & with starting game và ending game.For people who are already familiar with Tiến Lên, here are a few specificrules that may be different from what you may be used to:

3 consecutive sầu pairs can beat a single deuce. It cannot be used lớn gofirst.4 consecutive sầu pairs can beat a single deuce, not just pair of deuces.A new round starts when 3 out of 4 players pass. There is no unlimittedforwarding.When 4 consecutive pairs are used to lớn cut a pair of deuce, the player doesnot have to lớn be in the round (i.e. he/she may previously passed in the currentround).Playing order is reversed after each game. If A plays before B in onegame, B will play before A the next game.