Adam Ryan is Head of Music for The Great Escape. A role he has held for 7 years. The Great Escape is the largest new music conference & festival in Europe and has been running for 14 years. The Great Escape takes place in Brighton (UK) over three days in May showcasing over 450 artists. Representing around 27 countries, across 30 plus venues. Over 4000 music industry delegates và professionals attended each year from around the globe.Bạn vẫn xem: Chris chappell là ai


Shanghai based Alessandro is a music industry professional as well as a producer/musician, working for China"s leading music industry services company Kanjian Music (看见音乐).He relocated lớn Trung Quốc after completing his master’s degree in Music Industry Management & Enterprise at London Metropolitan University in năm ngoái. Alessandro specialises in the Chinese music market và has been consulting both Western and Chinese labels.With Kanjian, Alessandro has been part of the inaugural edition of the Electric Zoo Shangnhì festival và of the International Indie Music Season (IIMS) music industry event, he has assisted the launch of Music Ally China and worked towards setting up the first Chinese Music Trade Association (IMCO).

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The successes ALVARO SOLER scored with his music between năm ngoái và 2019 can be safely called a sensation. Virtually straight from university, his songs rocked the Spanish-German musician into the charts all over Europe and Latin America và onto stages across the world. In four years, the now 30- year-old who lived in Tokyo for seven years & speaks six languages amassed highlights that take others decades to lớn accomplish: more than 80 gold và platinum awards, two million albums sold, over 2.5 billion audio streams across all platforms, and over 1.5 billion đoạn Clip streams. Plus shows with global inhỏ J-Lo in Las Vegas và Miangươi, an "X Factor" coach seat in Italy, and an appearance in the award-winning German TV-show "Sing meinen Song - das Tauschkonzert."

Alvaro is a hit maker and artist signed with Universal Music Germany. He has more than 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He has reached top 1 positions in different european country charts with his hits such as El Mismo Sol, Sofía và La Cintura. 


Boyan started his musical career as the guitarist in the bvà who also drove the van, booked the hotels & took care of settlements. After two university degrees and seven years under the Texan sun, he went on khổng lồ study Arts Administration at IU Bloomington, Indiamãng cầu, where he also joined the Lotus World Music & Arts Festival. Working his way up from backline manager, he became a full-fledged member of the production team in charge of artist relations & logistics.

Jumping across the pond & onto a Sting (Symphonicities) tour, Boyan joined the Bulgarian Live Nation partner, SME, with whom he went on to lớn promote và produce Aerosmith, Depeđậy Mode, Roger Waters, Steven Wilson, Al Di Meola, Nigel Kennedy, Cirque Du Soleil, Lady Gaga, Iron Maiden và counting.

Becoming a freelancer in 2017, Boyan started booking shows for Bulgarian fledgling festivals và established clubs.

He also got involved in music export initiatives, lending a helping hvà to lớn motivated musical artists who wanted an international career.

Marking one of the few shows in 20trăng tròn, Boyan"s Pan Harmony, in cooperation with Blue Hills Events, managed lớn sell out two concerts (at the maximum allowable 50% capacity) this past September.

During 2020, Boyan spent time learning how to make elaborate cocktails và learning new foreign languages, while assembling a team và resources khổng lồ put on the first Bulgarian Music Conference và (eventually) Showcase in the near future.


Caroline Champarnaud is Director of International Development at Sacem, the world"s leading collective management organisation. She heads the relationship with Collective sầu Management Organisations around the world. She is also actively involved in several international working groups for the improvement of collection administration. She previously served as Director of Recorded Media và Online Licensing, where she led negotiations with the labels và the Digital Service Providers. Caroline is graduated from the Paris School of Business where she specialized in kinh doanh và international strategy.

SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers & Music Publishers) is a non-profit non-trading Collective Management Organisation (CMO) owned và managed by its members (songwriters và music publishers) according khổng lồ the business model of a cooperative. SACEM was created in 1851 and is still the 1st created music CMO. It has nearly 180.000 members, 15% of which are foreign members. Sacem collects the authors" rights for French & international works played in France and its overseas territories (from nearly 500,000 users: radtiện ích ios, TVs, mạng internet platforms, concerts, shops, etc.). It then distributes royalties khổng lồ its members and lớn authors, composers và music publishers from other CMOs over the world, hereby playing a crucial economic role lớn preserve musical creation. In 2019 SACEM collected €1.5 billion & distributed royalties lớn nearly 311,000 rights owners for approx. 2 million works. For more information please visit


Claire Mas is COO at Driift, the pioneering livestream business behind acclaimed ticketed online shows for artists including Nick Cave sầu, Niall Horan, Andrea Bocelli, Laura Marling, Dermot Kennedy, Kylie Minogue, Courtney Barnett và Biffy Clyro. Under Claire"s guidance, Driift"s innovative digital sale strategies have attracted record-breaking global audiences, và the company has sold almost 500,000 tickets to lớn music fans in more than 150 countries. A highly respected voice in the digital music ecosystem, Claire has previously held executive sầu positions at both Islvà Records and Communion, và acted as a consultant for companies including Platoon & DreamTeam. 

My name is Christopher. I"m Senior Director at Apple managing the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple News or Apple TV+ across Europe, Russia, Israel, Canadomain authority and Latin America. Prior to lớn joining Apple I led the exponential growth & subsequent rampant decline of Myspace, the first true global social network, in UK, Ireland, Spain và Portugal. I started my professional journey at Sony Music Entertainment.

I firmly believe sầu life is not just about doing business - it becomes meaningful when you"re doing good: I try to lớn do so by promoting greater Inclusion và Diversity or helping raise funds for extraordinary causes. Looking forward lớn meeting you!

Cristimãng cầu currently manages music business development growth at YouTube Music at YouTube"s headquarters in London, where she oversees & executes licensing đơn hàng of new products and features khổng lồ hundreds of music companies worldwide. 

She has held positions at YouTube và Google for 8 years liaising và leading relationships with independent music companies, major labels, multi-channel networks, artists & nội dung creators. 

Overall she has 10 years of international experience in business development, distribution of content & audience development for digital platforms & currently engages in projects & events with festivals (BIME, FMF), educational institutions (IMB School) and trade bodies & organisations in the music industry (UFI, AIM,

Danny is an artist manager và international music consultant.

Based in London, UK, Danny has worked across hundreds of release campaigns for international artists, building structure and opportunity and coordinating multimarket representation & collaboration. Having independently managed artists for over 10 years, Danny is equipped with the experience & understanding of the business of a global artist.

Danny is the co-founder of Enki Collective sầu, a music export và artist services company specialised in managing release campaigns và building value for artists in new markets. Enki operate as creative advisors & industry gatekeepers, providing network development & market knowledge to lớn build value and consistency for each chiến dịch.The name Enki derives from the Sumerian era; the first literate civilisation that founded its divinities on matters pertaining to lớn natural và social orders. Enki was the god of life, creativity, and mischief. Enki represents the characteristics of progress và disruption và is the embodiment of contemporary cultural complexities, from the dynamic life, work & play environments, to the health and wellness agendas. These influences inkhung the vision for ENKI music and provide the core principles of our work.

Danton is a London based Record Producer & Mixer. He has over 30 years experience in studgame ios and studio production with a diverse & successful range of artists as engineer, mixer & producer.

Having trained as a recording engineer at the legendary Sarm Studtiện ích ios under producers Trevor Horn, Steve sầu Lipson và Julian Mendelsohn he moved lớn Westside Studgame ios lớn work with Clive Langer và Alan Winstanley. Going freelance in 1994 he worked with producers Phil Spector, Steve sầu LillyWhite, Gil Norton, Mike Hedges, Steve sầu Osborne, Flood, Ken Nelson, Paul Oakenfold, Brian Eno, Hugh Jones, Chris Hughes, Mark Saunders và Ian Stanley.

He moved into production và mixing soon after with projects including Amy MacDonald, Soulsavers, Coldplay, Ian Brown, Morrissey, Oceankích cỡ, Starsailor, Lucie Silvas, The Devlins, Kylie Minogue, Patti Smith, Electric Soft Parade và The Doves.

Recent projects include LA artist Ben Wylen, Universal signing Norma Jean Martine, a third album with Soulsavers, Mayor, Skylakaki & Koala Voice. He recently finished an album with Sasha Siem from Brooklyn and is currently mixing the Montana artist, David Boone.

Travels in 2019 to Colombia saw projects with Jade Elefante in Bogata & Medellin b& La Banda del Bisonte

20đôi mươi saw the completion of his own album with HYDRA and mixing the latest album for Lucy Spraggan, along with an EPhường for Oh Baby, tracks for Love sầu Amongst The Ruins & cowriting/producing a Library album for Sony ATV.

Danton is now based at his Definition Arts Studio at Strongroom Studgame ios, Shoreditch, London & Def Arts West, Kensington, London

Darryl Hurs (CD Baby / Indie Week) has a 25+ year history in the music business including launching và running one of Canada"s largest emerging artist showcase festivals and conferences, Indie Week Canadomain authority. During COVID he has begun holding multiple online conferences & events including SCREEN x SCREEN music và tech conference. Darryl has also negotiated numerous sponsorship & partnership agreements including those with Jachồng Daniels, CD Baby, SLAIGHT MUSIC, and more. Past positions include graphic design/branding for Live sầu Nation as a freelancer. Work included corporate rebranding, sự kiện sale assets, work for known artists such as U2, Nickelbaông chồng, Madonmãng cầu, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Dave Matthews, and the launching of Darryl also has past experience as a booker for one of Toronto"s top live sầu music venues (The Rivoli) where he has either worked with or booked shows for Glen Matlochồng (Sex Pistols), The Trews, Matt Mays, Matthew Good, Hozier, Young the Giant & many more.

Darryl also has been popular on the conference circuit speaking at SIM Sao Paulo, Focus Wales, COMA Fest Brasilia, MU:CON Korea, FLUVIAL Chile, Pulsar Chile, BIME Argentimãng cầu, MAMA France.

Darryl has been an instructor for 20+ years and currently teaches at the Harris institute of công nghệ and is currently participating in Ryerson University"s new music mentorship program.

With more than 8 years in the music industry as a consultant, journacác mục, writer, curator, editor, project manager, public speaker và lăng xê manager, I have sầu extensive sầu knowledge & expertise in local (Russian) và international music markets. I understvà music trends, know how to analyse them, how to lớn use this knowledge to lớn my best and I love sharing what I know và can vị with other people within the industry as well as with those outside.

Diego Cifuentes Silva, designer by profession & since 2012 drummer of "Magaly Fields", a b& that has two full-length albums & an EPhường recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studgame ios aý muốn other productions, and with whom he has also participated in festivals such as Lollapallooza Chile, Primavera Sound & SXSW (Austin, Texas).

Working in marketing, he directed the strategy for the skate brvà Zoo York in Chile. Since 2018 he has been working at Red Bull Chile, leading the company"s culture strategy, under the role of Culture Manager, carrying out productions such as Red Bull Music Festival (2018), various signature events such as “Hasta Abajo” and “Barrio Mío”. He has also led the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Project in Chile & Uruguay, the most important Spanish spoken freestyle event in the world and one of the most important shows in Latin America.

After studying Fashion Media và Promotion alongside Music Business & Management, Effi ventured on a colourful career path that would kết thúc up with her working with independent music artists, record labels & management companies khổng lồ create visual brands and aesthetics that successfully capture the artist and music.

Part of that colorful career path includes designing for a global fashion brand, styling for The Noisettes và establishing her own music education business.

Effi creates and implements each aspect of the creation, including overall visual, logo design, stage design, fashion styling and social truyền thông media campaigns, ensuring each element conveys the artist in the most authentic way possible.

Fruzsina is the managing và festival director for SUPERBLOOM, the new major festival within the Goodlive sầu Group (DE), at the historic Olympic Park và Olympic Stadium in Munich. 

Fruzsimãng cầu was in charge khổng lồ build up and develop the first European version of the US festival brand Lollapalooza in Berlin, which she lead as festival director & head creative between 2015-20trăng tròn. 

Prior khổng lồ that, she was the program & artistic director of the Sziget Festival in Budapest (H) for seven years. 

Fruzsimãng cầu is board thành viên of Yourope, the European Festival Association. 

She was the funding director of the Hungarian Music Export Office & the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels. She co-founded CEETEP, the Central-Eastern European Talent Exchange Program that is now part of ETEPhường., the European Talent Exchange Program.

Fruzsimãng cầu co-founded the "TAKE A STAND" movement within the music industry, encouraging social cohesion in our society, promoting awareness và tolerance for all cultures, genders, races, colours và religions. Over 100 festivals & talent agencies joined this initiative. 

In 2006 Fruzsimãng cầu established the first CEE Showcase Festival & Conference in Budapest called RegiON.

Ilija Matkovic was born in 1977 in Novi Sad, Serbia. He finished High School in 1996, and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 2004. Although he had an idea khổng lồ express himself và commit a life professionally khổng lồ the Medical field, combined factors and political climate in Serbia in the early 2000"s moved his focus lớn the Music industry spontaneously. Exit festival was founded in 2000 in Novi Sad (Serbia) as a student movement, fighting for democracy and freedom in Serbia & the Balkans. As a part of the student movement and a member of student"s organization, Ilija actually started his professional career in the Music industry through the engagement in Exit festival 2001, in a Hospitality manager position, where he was in charge of complete Hospitality & logistics for all the artists. After eight years in the Hospitality field, Ilija expressed his scope of interests & founded a ticketing company Gigs Tix, which is now among mỏi the two biggest ticketing companies in Serbia. In 2008 he became in charge of the Sales Department at the Exit festival. Montenegrin branch of Serbian ticketing company Gigs Tix was established in 2014 (Gigs Tix Montenegro, in which Ilija has a role of CEO). 

Ilija has been a General Manager at Exit festival since 2015, and GM at No Sleep Festival from 2018. 

In these 21 years, Ilija has been a part of organization in many festivals and events in Serbia & surrounding countries, & had different roles, from Hospitality, Sales, Site management, Project Management, khổng lồ General Manager"s role, so he has an impressive scope of knowledge and experience in different fields of live sầu music industry: Major gigs: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Depebịt Mode, Metallica, Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams, Iron Maiden, Manu Chao, The Chemical Brothers, Kaiser Chiefs etc.; Major festivals: Sea Dance festival Montenegro 2014-2019, Sea Star festival Croatia 2017-2019, Festival 84 (Bosnia và Herzegovina) 2018, Revolution Festival Romania 2015-2018, No Sleep Festival Belgrade 2018-2019, Life Stream Project 2021, National Film Festival 2007, Cinema City Festival 2008, Refresh Festival Kotor Montenegro 2008, Snowboard and music Festival Kopaonik 2009, Share Conference Belgrade 2012-2013, Belgrade Calling Festival 2012, Warriors Dance Festival 2012, etc.

As a part of the core organisational team from the very beginning, Ilija is specially proud that Exit festival became one of greathử nghiệm cultural, social, và entertainment events in the world. In 2013 i 2017 Exit won "The best Major European Festival Award ", which is the most influential festival title on the planet.

Ilija lives in Novi Sad Serbia, has a gorgeous family (the wife & two young girls), & he"s a huge bạn of the Football Club Partizan from Belgrade.

James is the director and founder of Mystic Sons, a music press & radio company and online magazine based in London. He has recently founded a new London-based Record Label called Silent Kid Records, focusing on digital & vinyl releases.

Mystic Sons lăng xê focuses on traditional national press & radio services in the UK, alongside digital kinh doanh including tastemaker online blogging và spotify playdanh mục plugging.

Over the years, James has a history of working with artists such as Gary Numan, Squarepusher, Swlặng Deep, Ladytron, Pendulum, The Bloody Beetroots, The Dead South, Ladytron, Andrew Bayer và Leftfield to lớn name a few.

James" background is in music teaching & lecturing at the University of Sunderlvà, supported with a complete Master of Arts degree in Music Business and Education.

Jennifer Masmix has been an advocate for Independent artists and labels for over trăng tròn years. She started her career managing record stores in Chicago, Boston, NYC, và San Francisco before moving on lớn manage sales for the USA division of a Berlin-based distributor, Studio Distribution. Jennifer then ran the North American office for !K7 Label Group before stepping in khổng lồ connect American Independent nội dung owners with services who bring them to lớn market for the non-profit, Indie label trade organization, A2IM. As Spotify"s Head of Indies, Commercial Partnerships, her role ensures Indie artists & labels are best utilizing the platform"s many helpful tools và features.

Highly successful DIY singer-songwriter artist with over 2.5M monthly listeners on Spotify and over 300M views on Youtube. 

Their songs have sầu a success that does not depend on the trends of the moment, and each release is made in a very thoughtful way both sonically & aesthetically. 

Trained from childhood as a drummer and percussionist. He experimented with other instruments such as the violin & the piano until he discovered his best ally: the ukulele, with which he has learned to embrace the voice he has & lớn sing with sincerity the concerns of his soul.

Julia Kruptsova is a music industry professional with over 8 years of experience in different areas. Before starting her position as Music Community Lead at TikTiok East Europe she worked in music departments of Yandex và (biggest social truyền thông media services in Eastern Europe). Her professional activity involves cthất bại cooperation with key industry players: major labels, truyền thông corporations, concert promoters và ticketing platforms. As Music Community Lead at TikTok Julia also focuses on celebrity management, working with top artists và bloggers.

Justin began his career in the music industry at Universal Music Group in 2006, working across a variety of digital roles including digital operations, advertising trafficking và sản phẩm development before specialising in streaming focused initiatives.

After initially building the Digster playdanh mục brand in the UK (now called HITS) in 2011 and organically growing its Spotify profile follower base to over 100k, Justin became curation manager full time in 2014, the first role of its kind in a UK record label.

In this role, the playlists he created amassed over 50% million followers in less than 12 months & have sầu proved khổng lồ be the foundations of Universal Music UK’s ongoing playdanh sách sale initiatives in the UK.

In December 2014, he left Universal Music Group khổng lồ found Slice Music, a consultancy company that has advised clients such as Kobalternative text Label Services, AEI Group, Bacardi and more, on streaming strategies & playcác mục curation.

In 2016, he was headhunted by for a newly created role as Global Director of Streaming Strategy before returning to lớn full-time consultancy with Slice Music in January 20trăng tròn, this time offering similar services but with more of a focus on data analysis và interpretation.

Katia Giampaolo proudly manages ETEPhường top 5 artist JoyCut, who have sầu toured extensively across North America, Europe and Asia.

At Estragon, Katia (Co-Director) is part of the team running Bologna’s famous Estragon Club and BOtanique festival, with shows from Paul Weller, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Kaki King… Estragon is the Italian branch of Europavox Project.

Katia is chair of MMF Italy. She is also a jury thành viên of Music Moves Europe Talent Awards. Katia is a music lover, a sportswoman và a dreamer.

After 20 years of producing award-winning music concerts and worldwide tours, Keely is a highly experienced Tour Producer và Production Manager based in London, UK.

In 2005, she & a business partner formed The Production Office (TPO) which fast became the market-leading provider in live sầu touring globally, delivering major music events & worldwide tours ranging from clubs lớn stadiums.

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Keely moved on in năm ngoái to establish Global Touring Office (GTO) where she continues to produce international tours at scale.

With an array of past & present clients: A-ha, Anastacia, Biffy Clyro, CĐài truyền hình BBC Festival, Dibởi, Kate Bush, Lily Allen, Muse, Take That khổng lồ name but a few.

Recently, và as a result of the pandemic, she"s been lecturing for the Music Managers Forum (MMF), as well as leading conversations around Diversity, Equity và Inclusion (DEI) as a part of the Tour Production Group (TPG). A global co-operative of touring professionals meeting khổng lồ improve sầu DEI, mental welfare, environmental sustainability và Covid-19 working procedures in live music touring.

Lutz Leichsenring is a consultant, keynote speaker & one of the world’s leading authorities on protecting nighttime economies. Lutz started his professional career immediately after high school, when he built one of the largest platforms for music event listings in Germany. He went on to lớn run a music club và restaurant until 2010, and today is one of the chief shareholders of a Berlin-based talent recruiting event company "young targets" and Amsterdam-based nighttime advocacy consultancy "VibeLab".

Since 2009, Lutz has been the spokesman & executive sầu board member for the Berlin Clubcommission và has fought tirelessly for the rights of Berlin’s vast underground club scene by organising protests, conferences, workshops & by speaking at round tables và parliamentary committees.

His role has led Lutz into Berlin’s Musicboard và Chamber of Commerce, where he frequently votes on development issues that protect creative sầu space affected by gentrification và overregulation. In 2017, alongside civic luminary former Night Mayor of Amsterdam, Mirik Milan, Lutz launched Creative sầu Footprint, a project to lớn measure, compare and advocate for creative sầu spaces in urban areas worldwide, lượt thích Berlin, New York và Tokyo.

During the Covid-19 crisis, Lutz initiated "United We Stream", a global music streaming platkhung to create awareness about club culture affected by the epidemic, và lớn support nighttime governances. Lutz is also part of the collaborative research project "Global Nighttime Recovery Plan" which releases several chapters khổng lồ advise and showcase nighttime economies, involving institutions & scholars of University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University & Fraunhofer Institut.

Magdalena Jensen specializes in international music strategy và, after 10 years in the European music industry, is dedicated to supporting and empowering her peers - especially women and minorities. She is co-founder of Chimes Agency, an artist management and consultancy agency that supports artists & brands in the development & implementation of music strategies. She is responsible for new business và acquisitions for The Orchard in Polvà & the Baltics. A new venture Magdalemãng cầu has co-founded is the independent boutique label Balance It Out, where she is the Creative Director. She is also co-founder và board thành viên of the European Music Managers Alliance (EMMA) và leader of the training program for Keychange 2.0. In addition, Magdalena is a transformational coach & helps people thrive sầu in the music industry.

Mandy Aubry is the Director of Business Development for EMEA & APAC at Songtrust, the world"s largest technology solution for global music publishing royalty collection and administration. Aubry is based in the Netherlands & leads Songtrust’s expansion across EMEA và APAC. She has more than trăng tròn years of experience in the music industry, previously working for music publishing administrator Fintage House, and the renowned hard roông chồng & heavy metal record label, Roadrunner Records. Aubry also holds the Rightsholder position on the Executive Board of the Association for Electronic Music. Mandy has a chất lượng talent for demystifying the complexities surrounding music publishing, và is committed to lớn its democratisation. Originally from London, Mandy lives with her family in the historical city of Leiden, in the Dutch province of South Holland.

Marjorie Scheker has over 13 years experience working in sync clearance and creative on both the publishing và master side. She graduated with a Masters in Arts Management from the Columbia College Chicago & then moved to Los Angeles lớn start her career in the music industry. After 5 years at Warner Chappell LA, Marjorie moved to lớn Spain lớn fulfill a lifelong dream of living abroad. After a stint at Sony Music, Marjorie returned to lớn the Warner family và is now co-head of Sync và Licensing for Warner Chappell & Warner Music Spain. 

Olya Moldavskaya is a music industry professional with over a decade of experience. She has overseen & participated in the music business footprint in Emerging Markets, including Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, India etc. Her key areas of expertise are digital distribution, digital music trends, best practices, digital kinh doanh & the future of the music industry.

Ósoto Romagosa is a Civil Engineer (verifiable) and also the producer of Canada, one of the most renowned audiovisual production companies of the moment.

If directors Méndez and Serrano are glossed as the founding fathers of the company, Óscar would be the Mother under whose auspices the initial director"s studio became the international production company it is today.

The secret, according to him, is simple and consists of working, working and working... (in fact, Rihanna said it before him, he assures us).

He also says that it is key to always try to vì chưng the best work possible, that the mutual demvà is greater than the expectations of agencies and clients, that in any case it is better khổng lồ spend time shooting than waiting for opportunities lớn play games và so on.

One thing he often adds is that, always, you have khổng lồ be guided by your artistic intuition.

His favourite place is Hollywood in Spring.

The production company Canada has been able lớn transfer the language of advertising, as well as the references of visual culture & cinema lớn the đoạn phim clip, creating a complex universe, with its own iconography & style.

The Canadian production company is known for the content of its videos, which consists of an excellent combination of spontaneity, eroticism & beautiful photography. But perhaps what has attracted the attention of viewers the most is the fact that they have sầu phối aside taboos & managed to lớn push the boundaries of cinema. Above sầu all, by including revealing & striking images that are creatively intermingled, playing with the audience"s perception và offering them a few minutes they will not easily forget.

In 2018 Philipp founded WISE - The Future Think Tank ( in Beijing, bringing together thought leaders of the creative industries, music, science, và tech khổng lồ discuss how we will và should live sầu in the future.With two decades of experience within the global music industry - over ten of them pioneering in China/Asia - Philipp has been a speaker at nearly every major music conference.Since he first visited Đài Loan Trung Quốc in 2007 for China’s first annual festival, he has worked at one of the world’s largest events, the EXPO 2010 Shanghai for German government institution GIZ, he was the international advisor for Chinese gaming giant Kunlun, and he has co-founded music và creative sầu agency/label FakeMusicMedia (FMM) / FakeLoveMusic (FLM).He has brought over 300 artists and speakers to lớn China/Asia since (e.g. Hot CPU, Royksopp, Daddy G of Massive Attack), has managed some of China’s best talents (e.g. Nova Heart) and has authored several reports about the Chinese music industry (e.g. for Music Norway, Initiative sầu Musik, Music Finlvà & Victoria Music Development Office).He has consulted & curated for various brands, government organisations và festivals và created The Trung Quốc Music Industry Report.Being fascinated by the possibilities of AI & VR for the creative sector và its positive sầu impact on creating a low carbon future, he is a fervent researcher on these topics, trying to implement them for WISE và other conferences.He holds a master"s degree in International Relations / Economics, which he studied alongside Latin American Studies in Cologne & San Diego, where he had the pleasure to lớn vày an internship with the then highest ranking U.S. diplomat Ambassador, Jeffrey Davidow, while researching his thesis about the De-Regulation of Mexico’s Telecommunication Industry.Before coming khổng lồ China, he worked as a freelance journalist at Germany’s biggest broadcaster.Whenever he finds time, he DJs under his moniker Metro Tokyo.

Known for developing talent and new music business/tech, as an entrepreneur, agent, manager, label executive, consultant, producer, partner & music supervisor, Singerman has represented R.E.M., Gipsy Kings, James Brown, Suzanne Vega, Violent Femmes, 10,000 Maniacs, Smithereens, Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint, Fela Kuti, Bad Brains, pre-Beastie Boys, and King Sunny Ade, aước ao many other artists. 

His main mission is to provide song subtitling solutions for music to lớn become truly global, through universal understanding of lyrics. He is the Senior Vice President of International Publishing at LyricFind, for licensing and monetizing lyrics và legal translations from publishers và songwriters around the world, on more than 70 platforms such as Google Search, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, Deezer, iIHeartRadio...

Robert directed the EU’s European Music Office, US and The French Music Export Office, North America. He represented the Brasil Music Exchange in North America; and created CAB (Chile, Argentimãng cầu, Brazil Music Trade Mission Tour annually from năm 2016 through 2020). He’s assisted trade missions from many countries khổng lồ many other countries, working with CIMA, A2IM, ABXiaoMi MI, Sounds nước Australia, Sounds from Spain, Eastern European execs và other countries, organisations, conferences and export offices. 

He’s given keynote speeches, moderated panels & spoken at events và universities worldwide, including at Canadian Music Week, Monbởi vì, fluvial, WAXiaoMi MI, SIM SP, BIME, Music Trends Brasil, Path, Westway, Mama, SXSW, Midem, Womex, CMJ, NMS, Sync Summit, Digital Hollywood, Isla Viva, Reeperbahn, Caribbean Music Summit, Medimex, FIM PRO, Circulart, Live at Heart, Waves, Popkomm, Tourism Summit & Reggae Month in Jamaica, & the World Cultural Economic Forum, among many others.

Robert’s a partner in LyricFind, .MUSIC, Monvị, SyncSummit, YouBloom, Heaven11 & other companies. He’s on the Board of Directors/Advisors of SIM SPhường, Songtradr, VenuePilot and Make Music New York.

Scott Cohen is the co-founder of digital distribution pioneer The Orchard and, since 2019, the Chief Innovation Officer for the Recorded Music division of Warner Music Group.

As a well-recognised public speaker và lecturer, Scott travels the world evangelising new business models for the digital age. Scott’s music career started in the late ‘80s in independent và major label artist management. In addition to lớn his responsibilities, he manages the Raveonettes, Dan Owen and Fallulah.

Scott is a human rights activist và strict vegan. No meat, fish, cheese, milk, honey, leather, wool or anything else derived from an animal. And did you know he is also a cyborg?

A veteran of the digital music business Stephen O"Reilly is a director at London based artist management company ie:music. O"Reilly is also the Managing Director at ie:ventures. During his career Stephen has worked with pioneering technology companies including thiết bị di động Roadie & Topspin Media.

Sue Crawshaw, founder and owner of Pichồng and Mix Music has worked across all aspects of the music industry over the past 3 decades. She started her career in music publishing & performing rights. 18 years ago she founded Pichồng & Mix Music, a TV & Film creative sầu company. As a music supervisor, she has worked on successful BAFTA & Emmy Award winning TV productions including THE CROWN Seasons 1 & 2 (Netflix), STRIKE BACK Seasons 6, 7 & 8 (HBO / Cinemax), OASIS (Amazon pilot), ORIGIN (YouTube Red), THE REPLACEMENT (BBC). Past credits also include the BAFTA nominated “SON OF RAMBOW’ (Paramount), HE KILLS COPPERS (BBC), RAW (RTE) & LOVE HATE (RTE). Her most recent work in 2020 can be seen on ITV’s ‘Quiz’ & BBC’s ‘Sitting in Limbo’ with ‘Behind Her Eyes’ on Netflix.

Suzi Green has a career in the music industry spanning 25 years, and has tour managed artists including PJ Harvey, Katie Melua, The Chemical Brothers & Placebo. 

After experiencing burn out, she left the industry & retrained as a Naturopathic Nutritionist and having returned khổng lồ the business, uses her skills on tour, to lớn the benefit of artists và crew. Passionate about wellbeing, Suzi"s aim is khổng lồ help bring awareness lớn our beloved music industry around both physical and mental health. During COVID shutdown, she"s founded a peer zoom group "The Baông xã Lounge" as a way for live music professionals khổng lồ connect và tư vấn each other in troubled times as well as chairing Mental Welfare sessions as part of a larger group or tour và production managers - The Production Group.

Tatiamãng cầu Zhuravskaya started her career in the music industry as a radio presenter at the Russian radio station MAXIMUM in Omsk, Siberia. She continued at the world-famous Ekaterinburg Tele-Club, first in the promotion department, và then as a booking và booking manager.

Also managed a couple of quite famous Russian indie bands - Obe Dve and OQJAV and was head of the team of A-danh mục Russian artist Elena Temnikova.

She has been a lecturer at Moscow Music School for three years.

Nowadays, Tatiamãng cầu is a producer at, one of the main platforms for online events in Russia.

Turo Pekari is an innovation specialist, researcher, advisor, mentor, ecosystem and community builder based in Helsinki, Finlvà.

As an expert in open innovation, future technologies, metadata và rights tech, startup economy, innovation policy and funding mechanisms, Turo is speaking và lecturing frequently around the world.

He currently leads Music Finland, the Finnish music export office.

With a background in music publishing, Vik left Imagem Music in 2012 lớn found Elephant Music. Starting off as a publisher for bands và musician friends, Elephant took a different path with the success of the Piano Works albums in collaboration with Richard Schrieber. Since then, Elephant Music has won numerous awards and hundreds of industry topping syncs and placements over the years. Vik also co-founded Split Music, a label focused on sync for experimental music from composers, DJs, bands and musicians from across the world.

Vik also founded the virtual instrument company Mammoth Audio in 2019, with it"s first instrument "Density" receiving fantastic Đánh Giá from publications such as MusicTech và Sound on Sound. In 20đôi mươi, Vik co-founded Protege, a career focused music production school with composer và long-time collaborator, Richard Schrieber. Combining their expertise in composition and sync music licensing, the school is dedicated khổng lồ educating and mentoring the next generation of trailer music composers.

Vik"s publishing credits include:

Gọi Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Ad Astra, The Handmaid"s Tale, Avengers 4: Endgame, trò chơi Of Thrones, The Predator, X-Men Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, Fantastic Four.

Awards include:

- Best Use of Music in a Movie Trailer - Music and Sound Awards 2019 - Trailer for "Glass" featuring Rakasha by Richard Schrieber & Vikram Gudi.

- Best use of music in movie trailers và promos - Music và Sound Awards 2018 - "Mother" trailer featuring Syndrome by Richard Schrieber & Vikram Gudi.

- 2017 Golden Trailer Award - Best Sound Editing - Awarded lớn Editpool for the Sully "brace" trailer, featuring 3-traông xã sound editing by Elephant Music.

Coordinator at EMEE - European Music Exporters Exchange, & an independent consultant, analyst, researcher & writer. Currently based in Brussels, Belgium. Virgo is also a board member of Estonian Authors" Society.

Between năm trước - 20đôi mươi he served as the founding director at Music Estonia, the Estonian music export office & industry development centre.

He’s had a moderately long career of playing the guitar in various styles & formats, mostly in improvised music & he’s been active in music education - as the founding member & first chairman of the Estonian Rhythmic Music Education Society, author of a music theory handbook & a teacher in several Estonian music schools.

A Digital Entertainment Expert with 15+ years experience, Yvan Boudillet is the founder of TheLynk, a strategic advisory agency dedicated to lớn connect the dots between start-ups & creative industries with a focus on music & live sầu experience. In April 20trăng tròn, TheLynk co-founded with 8 other partners a Pan-European remote Hackahẹp & Accelerator called #NextStageChallenge to lớn come up with innovative sầu solutions for the live sầu sector.

A regular international speaker and jury thành viên (SXSW, Wallifornia, Slush Music, Sonar+D, Midem, Music Inc. India, Mifa, 4YFN, ISMIR, Eurosonic) and lecturer specialised in MusicTech Ecosystems & Data-driven Transformation of Creative sầu Economy, Yvan is passionate about bridging artistic and tech talents who together invent new ways to lớn create, discover, experience and monetise music.

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